Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Um, I remember this but not really...

(Photo courtesy of Paige. l-r: Paige, Cindy, me, Mary)
I don't remember the last time I went roller skating. Well, now I do because a few weeks ago, Matt and joined Paige, Mary, Don, and Cindy at Wump Skate, a fantastic once-a-month themed roller skating event where you can skate to your hearts content. Read Paige's blog for more details. I can't wait to go back, it was a blast! My favorite part was when Matt said "Oh, I suck at skating, I'm going to have a horrible time." Yeah right. The man is a natural!
One of the most interesting parts of skating after at least 10 years of not putting on skates, was the feeling of my mind and body trying REALLY hard to remember what to do, and I'd have moments of bliss, where it was like muscle memory, and then I'd suddenly get out of it and nearly fall on my butt! It was awesome!


Mary said...

So glad you guys decided to come. Lemmie know if you are up for next months goth skate!

reeciebird said...

Looking cute!