Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tired but having fun

This last week has been such a blur! Paige is here now and I think we've gotten together every single day this week. It's been so much fun having another Washingtoninan here, and showing her around town.

I realize that I haven't posted any adventure type photos for awhile, but believe me when I say the most hysterical video is on Cindy's blog right now. It sums up our wekeend celebrating Don's birthday.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I've been struggling with my thoughts and feelings this year quite a bit, trying to figure out if what I'm feeling now will ever go away, will ever slightly subside. Last night I had a "let go"crying fest, talking about my dreams where she had visited me, what I missed about her, and that it's just not fair that she's gone, trying to work through all of this. I also know that I have grown leaps and bounds from this, it is a profound experience, affecting all aspects of my life. Selfishly, I wish she was still here, but honestly, I am just relieved and happy that she is finally at peace. I would love to be at peace, but what I have discovered is that those of us who are left behind will find peace when it's time.

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