Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Working over lunch

I can't stand not leaving the office for my lunch break. That precious hour is my break to get away from the office, from the phones, from people demanding my time. My lunch break is my own time, but unfortunately today I do not get that time to myself. Instead, I've ordered in Thai Food from a highly reccomended restaurant. I think it would taste better outside the office. I can't leave today though. I did not drive and Nicole, my usual lunch buddy, has to stay in. I guess she'll be staying in a lot more so I will have to figure out something else for the days I don't drive.

This weekend Aunt Gwen and cousin-in-law Brenda are flying in for a quick visit. I'm excited to see them but they couldn't have come at a busier time. Friday is a big day at work with our CEO paying a visit along with our 2 Area VP's. Saturday and Sunday are planned for packing as we move next week into our new apartment (with an extra room). Matt understands that I'll need to spend some time with them showing them around, but originally we weren't planning on moving while they were here. In fact, we were planning on having moved already by this point. It's a long story that I don't want to get into right now! Add into this that poor Matt has to have his thesis done by Friday. We're both pretty stressed out.

Still haven't finished Book 7 yet. But the count of falling bodies is steadily climbing. It's quite emotional and very well written. I'm taking my sweet time, because I don't want to miss a word on these pages.

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