Thursday, January 11, 2007

Second Round

I'm sick, again, this time with laryngitis. It really hit me yesterday, go figure that yesterday was also my first day of acting class and I had a yelling scene. Don't worry, I can still talk. My voice is just raspy and a little sexy. Hehe.

I have been thinking about Mom quite a bit these days. About motherhood in general and how I'm feeling about my friends who are moms and who are pregnant. And while I am so happy for them, there's a tiny bit of jealousy (sometimes not so tiny) that their kids get their moms, that they get to be the Mom and nurture their children. Granted, I take the 2 year old thought sometimes in thinking "It's not fair!" but all of the Moms that I know are good moms, so in the long run, I'm not so jealous. But if I don't respond and oogle over your adventures as motherhood, it's just because I'm missing being mothered by my mom.


Lena said...

Hey there, I hope you feel better soon.

The Alexander's said...

Hey Camille! I just opened up a blog on here myself.. anyhow... sorry you are sick! I hope you get better soon! We keep getting blasted with snow and ice up here!

Sorry you are missing your mom too.. that must be tough. I get where you are coming from in a way when you say you might not oogle over other people kids... I know at least 10 people who are either el prego or just had a baby and it makes me sad, because I want one again so bad but just don't think it will ever happen because of money issues. And I just get so jealous of other people because they have what I can't.. not so much just like your situation but sorta the same. Stay strong and remember that old saying.. "Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened" or something like that. :)

Love and God bless to you and your hubby!