Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Phew! What a week! Okay, here's what I've been up to:

5/24 - went over to mom and dad's cooked dinner hung out had fun.
5/27 - inventory at work left at 1pm after we were done and saw "revenge of the suck" need i say more friend j.g. came over for a few hours and went out for drinks had my first ever long island iced tea got really sleepy
5/28 - spent the day cleaning out most of our closets and donated a shitload of stuff to good will had 5 trash bags to donate to the trash bin outside our apartment took a 2 hour nap saw friend p.b. in shakespeare play with friend a.j-g. next to me in the audience
5/29 - saw matt's folks for brunch spent the rest of the day cleaning up after what looked like a tornado ran through our apartment friends t.m. j.m. and n.m. came over stayed the night
5/30 - spent morning with my parents spent rest of day downtown seattle and went to mariners game had fun
5/31 - legs are tired

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Anonymous said...

My dear, what an exciting week. Although I loved revenge of the sith, even though it's more trendy to say you hated it. Did you ever get results about your mom? Hope she's alright, no matter what