Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Okay, just to clarify why Matt and I called it "Revenge of the Suck"... (this one is for you, j.m.!)

Now that Matt's going into film school, we're starting to pick apart movies more and more. I have to say the dialogue was TERRIBLE. Get on with the show, folks! I don't need to hear how much Annikan and Padme love each other...for 2 minutes! Sheesh. The tech aspects of the movie were incredible, and it was fun to see Yoda fight again. I really enjoyed Ian McDarmond (the chancellor) and Christopher Lee (Count Duku). I just wish the script was less painful. Matt said that 30-45 minutes of dialogue could have been cut from the movie. I'll go with him on that one.

Frankly, I was really disappointed with "Revenge of the Sith". Many of my friends said that they loved it (to each his/her own) and so I had high hopes. Perhaps my disappointment is reflected in my review. :)

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Anonymous said...

OK, I can agree with you on the dialoge part. Lucas himself says that he's a "visual" filmmaker. The dialoge, frankly, isn't his priority. And wasn't the film visually dense? There was so much detail in even the smallest of scenes. But I love that Lucas made the film that he wanted to make, not the ones that Star Wars fans wanted "All Darth, All the Time."