Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Stalling (again)

I was all ready to work on my cover letter last night, you know, the one for the AFI job? I walk in to find Matt and our friend Rian watching "Babylon 5" on DVD with Sean, a friend from the former "Fairview" house. Well, turns out that Don wants to come over so I go to the store to pick up groceries with Rian and Sean and Rian proceeds to buy us 3 bottles of wine! I made hamburger soup with rustic bread and we had went through 2 lovely bottles of red wine. It was a fun evening and I was just sorry that Rian had to leave this morning. I will see him again soon, I know, but he's just so much fun and is full of cool stories and tons of information about Los Angeles. I'm actually looking forward to the move now! :)

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