Sunday, January 29, 2012

30 Weeks!

I suppose the biggest thing I've noticed is that I need to start slowing down.  Up until now, I could schedule 2 or 3 things a day, and be fine, as long as I could get at least a 30 minute cat nap in.  Now, I've cut my work schedule down to working from home 4 days a week, and going into Redmond once a week.  Two gatherings is more than enough, and I have to separate them out between morning and late afternoon so I can get a nap in.  If they're one after the other, then it's hard for me to go anywhere at night because I'm so tired.  This is really hard for me because I am such a social person.  I get lonely rather easily, and poor hubby is the source of so much conversation and entertainment these days.  And as I get bigger, I rely on him more and more for even the simplest of things, like tying my shoes, or giving me foot rubs to help combat the ache in my feet from the swollen ankles.

Our house is slowly getting there.  We've cleaned out numerous closets, made some serious progress on the nursery.  Hubby has now asked me to schedule us time on the calendar to work on house projects so we feel like we're getting things done.  Tonight we'll get the rest of the nursery cleaned out, and then Hubby will put up the paint tape.  We've picked out a color already, which is exciting.  It's going to be so cute, I can't wait to see what it's going to look like when it's all done.  We have a boatload of clothes from friends, which has been wonderful.  I, of course, have already sorted them by size and put away the 0-6 months in the dresser, while the rest is in bins that will go into his closet.  Other places that still need work are our now combined office, which looks like the closet threw up, and our garage, though Hubby has made serious progress there (and kitty who pees on floor is still in there.  Every time I think about letting him back into the house, he pees next to the fridge, so clearly, he's a garage cat now.  I'm hopeful he'll be a backyard kitty over the summer). 

I'm not sure that I necessarily feel overwhelmed, and I think that's because Hubby and I have this schedule now.  I want the nursery cleared/cleaned out and painted by the 18th, which is when we have the Friends baby shower at our house.  I also want a clean room where we can put/set-up all the baby stuff.  But I know poor hubby is totally overwhelmed.  He has so many film projects going on, in addition to his pregnant wife constantly needing him for this or that (mostly emotional reassurance, or as he calls them "heightened emotional states").  He will be gone for a few days next month in Pasco for a conference, and my dear friend Paige is flying up to help me out while he's gone.  But now he might be gone for a few more days after he gets back from Pasco, and I told him he needs to figure out/find someone to take care of the cat boxes.  Anyone want to come stay with me for a few days and clean out some litter boxes?  Sounds glamarous, I know.  Try to resist.  :)

Baby is kicking more and more, which is so much fun.  As the date gets closer, I find myself thinking of my family in different ways, specifically my parents, and what life must have been like before my sister and I came along.  I also think about how they each had their own childhood, and how when I was a kid, I never thought about that because they were always just mom and dad, y'know?  I am just thinking of and viewing everything differently these days.  It's quite an experience. 


Cindy said...

Glad you are finding a routine that works. We are making big strides on both creating and beginning to execute our to do list as well this weekend. As far as cleaning things out go, especially the garage, don't be afraid to purge, purge, purge. If you haven't used it, haven't missed it, and haven't had room for it in the last two years since you moved in, you won't miss it when it's gone.

Jessalee said...

Baby kicks are something I always missed so much after I had my babies. Pregnancies are always so hard on me, but I never wanted to complain because I was so blessed when the two that I had to full term were wanted so badly. Now that Andrew is 9 and Elizabeth is 7, I still miss the baby kicks!

Having a baby changes your perspective on so much. I'm glad you have the awesome support system that you do and that you're enjoying each step of the way. I'm so very excited for you!

Mary said...

I see my parents completely differently since I had kids. It's like a light turned on suddenly in my life and brought everything into clear view.