Friday, June 04, 2010

Seven Days and Counting

In one week we'll leave California. I don't want to say "forever" because that is a long time. But I would like to say we'll leave indefinitely. I don't think we'd mind coming back so long as we could make enough money to be comfortable rather than bleeding money every single month.

Found out yesterday that we have birds' nests in our attic. GROSS. Found a bird removal company in Seattle that can help us. I am waiting to hear back from them as to a free inspection and how much this might cost us.

We are in packing/cleaning-stuff-out high gear. Every day, Matt is asking me what I can pack in the kitchen. We are really trying to watch our spending because the first few months in a new place is always expensive with ending services at the old place and starting new ones at the new home. We have never owned a house before, haven't had to pay a water bill in years, and have no idea how much blinds will cost. It's all overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Though right now I have to say I'm closer to overwhelmed.

Right now, though, I'm off to get a massage. My tired, aching muscles and harried brain are in deep need of relaxation!


emilie said...

Almost there! Wait.. I mean, HERE! So excited. :)

Jenny said...

out of love, I will not tell you about our woodpecker. Or as we call them, damn fucking woodpeckers.

Brie said...

Can I ask what's so gross about a birds nest? Hate to say it sweety, but if that's the worst of your problems you are LUCKY!!!!
Hope the rest of your week goes smoothly.