Sunday, June 06, 2010

Five Days and Counting

Our apartment is a mess. Matt and I are exhausted. My brain isn't functioning properly and I forget things quite a bit nowadays. Total chaos in this California Vancil home. He is amazing at packing boxes. And I am doing well at the admin stuff (setting utilities, making multiple phone calls, running errands...I am an assistant in my home). We are making great progress but I know the day of the move, we'll be running around thinking "Shit! How could we forget that? And why didn't we take care of *insert project here* sooner?!"

Plans this week you ask? Hm. Well tomorrow is church and then our farewell party. Monday our car goes to the mechanic for an oil change and overall inspection to make sure it won't fall apart while we're driving up. Tuesday is dinner with a friend. Wednesday is more meals with more friends. Thursday we hopefully get our TV fixed and final chiro appointments, not to mention our last night in town.

The movers arrive Friday morning. Hopefully late Friday morning or early afternoon we'll be on the road. We'll spend the night in Etna with our dear friend Erik (sadly Gayvin will not be home) and son Jack. They don't care that we have three nutty cats, they'll be welcome too and put in a separate room. Saturday we make it to Tacoma and set up camp for the cats in either the rec room or a bathroom. We will probably spend that night at my aunt and uncle's in Puyallup and enjoy their hot tub. Sunday, we hope the movers will arrive. June 14 is when Matt starts his new job. Our new washer and dryer will be delivered and installed that day. June 15 our internet and phone will be hooked up, and I hope to make a trip to the DMV that day. June 16 we have a consultation with 3-day blinds to see about some, y'know, blinds for our naked windows. Then June 17th I am officially back at the office. Even though the commute will completely suck, Matt's office is three miles from mine, so we will be able to carpool. Brilliant I say! I will be commuting every weekday during the summer, and hope by fall to be working from home once or twice a week.

I wrote this all out so I could remember. Sometimes the calendar just doesn't make sense to me. It sounds crazy, and hectic, but seriously, would I have it any other way? Never! Can't wait to go home! :)

To Emilie - Same here m'dear!

To Jenny - Oh joy of joys. I think I will want to hear about it at your party. After a glass of wine. Or five.

To Brie - Birds nests = multiple birds who have lived in our attic, probably for months since it was an investment home and no one has lived there for quite some time. Should be lots of bird poo and germs up there. Blech. Yes, I know it could be worse, and the reason we bought this house is because most everything is up to date. I'm just really mad at our inspector (and ticked at our Realtor) for not catching it in the first place so we could have had the seller clean it up instead, thus saving us money. Blech, I say!


Brie said...

ah, ok. makes sense.
hugs to you this week - and plenty of energizing yet relaxing good thoughts to you too. remember to breathe. and laugh. it's crazy, but it'll be over soon. can't wait to see you guys.

emilie said...

And don't forget this important date:
Sunday you call Matt and Emilie and tell them how they can help (by staying out of the way till later, bringing some take out for dinner, moving a box, talking for 5 on the phones... whatevs.)
Good luck and safe travels!