Saturday, April 17, 2010

Late nights

You know what I can't stand? When I exhaust myself by working out, staying up throughout the day, getting stuff done, being fairly productive. It's night time, I'm tired, and I lay my head down to go to sleep, and BAM! I'm wide awake. My brain is suddenly not distracted by pretty things like Gmail and Facebook. Now we have time to WORRY and STRESS over things that are either in motion or more than likely, over things that have not happened yet. Yes, yours truly loves to fret over future events that may or may not occur. Lovely, eh? Bet you thought I was crazy you don't even know. Bless my husband, for he is a saint.

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Katie said...

Yes, but do your neuroses extend to the point that you have imaginary conversations--and arguments--with people who aren't there over things that may or may not happen?

Most of my life seems to be lived in imaginary conversational and argumentative scenarios in my head. Trust me, I feel your pain.