Sunday, December 21, 2008

Getting prepared

So in order to prepare for the wintery Pacific Northwest, I'm trying to figure out how I'll stay warm. I have a ton of scarves, a few wool coats, and my Eddie Bauer parka is at my Dad's. Can't find any of my hats as of yet, and to see how bad the weather is, I checked the flight status today of the flight we're supposed to take tomorrow.

And it was cancelled! Effing cancelled! Trying to not panic right now. Seriously, there is nothing I can do. I don't control the weather!

Of course this means we might get to sleep in tomorrow. :D

However, this puts a kink into our plans, so in a way I hope we do make it. You can bet that I'll be up this early tomorrow to see if our flight is still on.

Any suggestions of what else I should bring to stay warm? Hot cocoa perhaps (with a shot of brandy)?


Brie said...

Freakin' weather! It's supposed to start getting better tomorrow, though, so conditions may improve enough for them to put the flight back on.
And it is supposed to warm up a bit more for the rest of the week - even into the 40'! Wow! OK, I know, that's still freezing. I suppose it doesn't help much that I have a few extra things you can borrow. But I can suggest this - along with the expertise that I am learning through work, the most important thing you want to make sure you have is gloves. If you want to play in the slow, make sure they're waterproof. But if you don't, any little gloves work. But if your hands are cold, the rest doesn't really matter.
Hope this helps! Email me if I can do anything else for you, kay!

Beth said...

Whether sucks! I've been sick the last couple days and thus haven't had to worry about getting to work (or out of bed) but tomorrow I probably will and the metro trip planner gives me several options all of which require taking 3-4 different buses at least one of which isn't running because of the snow. Oy! I recommend hot toddy's for keeping warm, but I've been making them with bottled lemon juice which I do not recommend...squeeze actual lemons, the difference is huge. And Jameson, no other whiskey will do. Also, I'd recommend getting one of those fleece ear bands. I don't know about you but I find that hats don't cover my ears and my ears get colder than any other part and that's painful (even more so when you come in side and your cold ears hit the indoor heat).

Katherine of Egypt said...

Uggs if you have them. Or cheap knockoffs from Payless (like mine!) :)

Lena said...

Patience! And food, airport is running out of food.

I hope you and Matt are able to get here. It's beautiful when you are inside and don't have to travel anywhere... :)