Monday, September 08, 2008

Real quick:

-Bootcamp is totally kicking my butt. Literally. I couldn't walk well on Friday but slowly over the weekend my legs have returned to normal. Just in time for Bootcamp this morning. :) At least this week the sessions are broken up a little bit. My motivation is how awesome I will look by the end of the 5 months, not to mention how amazing my muscle definition will be by Christmas. And I'll be healthy too. :)

-Gamers: Dorkness Rising will soon be available at Target! You can buy it now at Paizo, Amazon, and rent it from Netflix (where it has a very long wait). I'm so proud! Hopefully soon it will also be available at Blockbuster and/or Hollywood Video. Stay tuned for more updates.

Gotta go! I'm gonna be late!

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Don Early said...

Actually the best place to buy the movie is from Anthem itself.

Here's the link:

Dudette! That's awesome about boot camp. Another friend of mine, Ben Dunn is doing Boot Camp. He's lost like 40lbs I think.