Friday, June 13, 2008

A better attitude, and a promise of more pictures.

I've been trying to think up a really good blog post lately. The problem is that I don't right it down and then when I need to come up with something, I've forgotten all the good stories and insights that have passed through (and left) my brain over the last few days. I apologize for the short posts and bullet lists, but I honestly haven't had much to say.

I've been working on my attitude and part of that is not talking about my job. I'm so unhappy here, but by talking about it I'm constantly re-living what I hate about it and it just zaps my enthusiasm and happy disposition. In an effort to be more positive, over the Solavang weekend, I decided to not talk about work for the next few days (I could tell that hubby and friends were quite relieved). I decided to continue that effort into my vacation. I've now gone 2 weeks without complaning about my job (aside from the really stupid stuff, such as things that should occur in 7th grade but not in a professional office), and I can tell that my attitude has significantly improved. My energy level is about the same, but I'm feeling better about my life in general. It was a good decision, and I'm going to continue with it.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera when we left for Napa, but no worries! I bought a disposable digital camera. I just have to finish the roll (which I will do over this weekend - we're going to her birthday party tomorrow night) and pictures will be posted. I promise! I know I made an effort there for a little while to post more pictures, but the past few months have obviously gotten away from me. I pledge to try harder! :)

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