Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Well, aren't we a fun couple?

Matt's sick. Very sick. A nasty cough coupled with some other ongoings that I won't discuss, it's been a great few days. I'm quite tired and slightly annoyed at having to work away from home and cook and clean all by myself. And try as I might to be understanding and patient, yesterday I just told him to deal with my attitude as I was doing the best I could. It doesn't help that early in the mornings he starts to cough, which keeps me awake and eventually I can't go back to sleep and I drag my tired self out of bed at 5am.

To our game group: We'll let you know if we're up for coming over later on today. Right now the answer is "I just want to sleep and get better."

In other news, my job is going better. I had a serious talk with my boss and without going into too much detail (I'll just freak out again), I need to shape up or ship out. Considering that I can't really afford to "ship out" yet, I've requested and received some more training and now have a clear sense of what my responsibilities are. It's really helpful and now my big task in these next few weeks is to manage my time better and make sure I can get everything done. The only thing that bothers me is that I had to request this meeting. Managment saw that I was going down hill and instead of talking to me directly, they went through my desk and left notes everywhere...how professional is that? So now I'm checking in with my boss once a week regarding any issues that have come up. And if any of my co-workers start complaining to me about how I said something wrong, that I didn't pick up the phones fast enough, that they're out of coffee, I'm just going to say "I apologize, and if there's something that I'm doing wrong, please let Jennifer and Steve know." Because the serious stuff, my boss already knows and we've already talked about it, and what they are complaining to me about is really, just petty crap. And it's certainly a good feeling to know that your manager is supporting you.

I'd also like to say that if I make a mistake, we talk about it and then move on. I am a perfectionist and hate making mistakes. And there's no need to bring up something that was resolved weeks ago in a staff meeting - it's embaressing and infuriates me. If it was really that big of a deal, you could have come to me and we could have talked about it in private with the boss.

Well, I still have an hour before getting ready for work. I think I'll pop in a Yoga DVD. Gasp!


dahli said...

ugh, hang in there. management/work troubles are no fun.

Jenny said...

Hang in there babe. They are lucky to have you and good for you for taking the initaitive! That's very difficult. Be proud!