Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Good Thoughts

In fighting depression, I remind myself in ways I am fortunate and all the good things that are in my life:

1. I have a fabulous husband, who is supportive, caring, handsome, funny, and all-around great guy. Words can't express how lucky I am to have him as my partner.

2. I have a great circle of friends, near and far, old and new, that are never too busy to get together, to be open to new things to do, to listen and talk, and they are so much fun.

3. My family is amazing. I couldn't ask for better in-laws, and my Dad, despite our somewhat rocky past, we're forging ahead in more of an adult relationship, which is great. And my Aunt Sharon...I really don't know what I would do without her....

4. I have a job, and these days that's more than so many people have, which is unfortunate because I know many talented and wonderful people who need work and either can't find anything or the companies aren't responding. If I take pride in my work, things will be a lot better.

5. I have food to eat, clothes on my back, and a roof over my head. We have the necessities covered.

Everything else is just stuff.


And it will be ok.


Brie said...

Amen, sister. ;)

tacomachickadee said...

I'll add to that Amen.

Family Time said...

I agree and let's not forget the wonderfulness of Melinda that Auntie Camille bought. That kinda love from a chilin' sticks!
Oh yeah she isn't a Gund Bear...But I might have found out where she went.