Monday, March 19, 2007

The ecstasy and aggravations of Disneyland/California Adventure


1. Overpriced fried food. That's pretty much all they have. And bring your own water. It was $2.75 for 1 bottle.

2. Naptime at Disneyland. At about 1pm, all the little ones start screaming from being over stimulated and utter exhaustion. I can only imagine how the parents must feel as I stuffed my face due to being overly hungry with my over priced chicken (breaded, of course) sandwich.

3. Lines. My cousin Sarah is physically disabled, so she's in a wheelchair. At California Adventure, the line paths do not have stairs so we did not get to the rides as quickly as we did at Disneyland.

4. Heat vs. Cold. I'll take the heat. Yesterday it was freezing and we went through a white water ride at CA adventure. Brrrrrrr.

5. Hollywood Hotel - Tower of Terror. NEVER AGAIN. I'm glad I went, but NEVER AGAIN. Most frightening ride ever.


1. The look on the kids' faces as we went on rides and saw characters throughout the parks.

2. The little vinettes from High School Musical, A Bugs Life, Cars, etc. Very fun and cheap entertainment.

3. The rollercoasters! So worth the price. We went again and again and again and again...I'm surprised I have a voice today.

4. The apple croissants at the Paradise Pier Hotel. Yum. Perfect way to start the day. Along with a ride on Screamin California, the big twisty coaster at California Adventure.

5. Chip and Dale spitting into my cell phone while I was talking with Scott. Priceless.

Pictures to be posted soon.

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