Thursday, December 07, 2006


This is normally my favorite time of year. However, because of reasons that I'm sure I don't have to mention, I am anti-holiday this year. I want nothing to do with trees, decorations, christmas carols, commercials...bah humbug! It's a constant reminder of what I will be missing this year, never mind the fact that tv stations are constantly running advertisement for breast cancer research and/or foundations. :P Again, it didn't work for my family, I've lost my mother, so please have some sensitivity and stop bothering me! So I just switch the channel or turn off the radio/tv all together. I've pretty much stopped watching tv at this point. Thank goodness for TiVo recording America's Next Top Model last night. Not only did I get to fast forward through the commercials :P but Caridee beat that snotty Melrose.

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Haley said...

i know sort of how you feel, i lost my father a few years ago, and getting through the first every thing without him was hard. its been almost six years now and it still hurts but it gets easier. i think that you'll probably find little comfort in these words right now, but i am very sorry for your loss, and i am sure you'll get through this and be ok.