Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Holiday (not so much)

1. Every minute of my time is spoken for. I love seeing everyone, and spending quality time, but ever since we arrived last Friday I haven't had a moment to myself and now I'm starting to get cranky and pissy, and for those of you who I will be seeing in the next few days, I apologize in advance. :)

2. Of course, this holiday sucks without mom. She is the peacemaker and without her everyone seems to be on edge. It's just not the same. I think if she was here I wouldn't have had a wonderful and fun dinner with Julia and Dustin (Matt's sister and her boyfriend) at Peking restaurant in Puyallup, one of the few times I've felt free during this vacation.

3. No Christmas tree, no milk and cookies, had to hang the stockings myself, on Christmas this year. It was so different the past holidays weren't even comparable.

Sorry to complain, but I need everyone to understand where I'm at and where I'm coming from. In some ways, in many ways actually, I can't wait to go HOME to L.A. Where it's just Matt and me, and our kitties, and our life together.

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