Monday, July 17, 2006


Friday I was invited to go out dancing but I declined saying that I had a date with my husband on Saturday. Since I never get to see him, I'd rather be awake and not hungover! Plus, clubs get so crowded on the weekends, and I just wasn't in the mood.

Saturday, my surprise date, was wonderful. Matt took me to Huntington Gardens which was absolutely stunning. If you love to garden, if you love nature, this is the place for you. They have a dessert garden, herb garden, shakespeare garden, japanese garden, lily ponds, subtropical garden, statue garden, rose garden, and so much more that we didn't even get to see! They even have a tea house which I definitely want to check out next time. Our trip was cut off short by an unfortunate call from a dear dear close friend of mine who's father passed away suddenly on Friday. I decided to head home and make some calls. I'll be heading up to Seattle around the 27th.

Sunday was spent with Liz, my fun friend that I met through temping. We had a great catch-up lunch at Fred 62. I had a great omlette with chicken sausage, goat cheese, sundried tomatoes and avacado with hashbrowns on the side. Then we went over to the Off Broadway Shoe Company where I found new white sandals (casual) and little brown heels with a short heel to match my crazy but fun and sexy brown/white dress that Nancy helped me find at Macys. I'm so excited to wear it, now I just need an occasion! :) Ooooooooo, red carpet at GenCon...

Speaking of GenCon, Matt and will be heading to Indiana August 9. I'll spend my birthday working a conference and then heading the the premiere of Gamers 2. When I get back, I'm heading striaght to Knott's Berry Farm because they have kick-ass roller coasters. Who wants to go with me? :)


molly said...

I'm hungry for jelly now...Knott's Berry Farm.

kari said...

yea for roller coasters! i'm game!