Friday, October 19, 2012

Attitude Adjustment

I've discovered that 3pm is my witching hour.  Not Wesleys.  Mine.  I get so tired and pissy, and desperately want to sleep.  Of course, this is when Wes sleeps for only 30 to 40 minutes, and I wake up grumpy and ticked off. 

I want to be grateful that I managed to get even 30 minutes, when many moms do not.

I want to enjoy my son at this age, because every day he gets older and changes. 

I want to relish in taking care of him and doing the little things.

I want to let the laundry and dishes go.

I want to pick-up writing on my SLO blog again so I can have something that I define as "mine".  I miss writing and researching about one of my favorite spots in the world.  There are several times when I feel like I'm losing myself, and that's not good for me or my family.

I want to be grateful for the help that I do have.

I am grateful that my son is, for the most part, happy, patient, loving, and curious.  I want to nurture those traits.

I want to be content. 


Lena said...

At 3 a.m. you don't need to adjust attitude, you have discovered that is not a good time for you to be awake. Now you just need to let Wes know that in no uncertain terms this is NOT a good time for you to be awake because momma needs her sleep right at this hour. Hugs!

K T said...

I totally understand the feeling like you are losing yourself sometimes. And I get all the "I wants", I feel the same thing. Motehrhood is hard. But I agree that getting back into something that is done for JUST YOU, is so theraputic and satisfying. Good luck getting to that again!