Wednesday, October 17, 2012

7 months old!

Dear Wesley,

You are still a baby, but you are having more and more "little boy" moments, and it both delights and saddens me.  You are inquisitive about EVERYTHING and always want to be part of the action.  Whenever I take you out in public, there is at least one elderly woman who just fawns all over you.  You flirt with anyone who smiles at you. 

Your bottom teeth are coming in!  Poor little dude, your mouth hurts more and more, so we go back and forth between ibuprofen and teething tablets.  While I miss your gummy smile, those teeth are pretty darn cute.  I just feel bad that you're so uncomfortable.  But you're not in pain all the time, usually before bed and occasionally during the day.  You've only had one really fussy day due to teething, so I can't complain.

You are really rolling around now, it's your main mode of transportation.  You can roll around on the living room floor quite easily, but in your crib...not so much.  You get stuck in corners, or your limbs get caught in the rails.  I have to go to IKEA now and get you a bumper since that's where we got your crib and their bumpers actually fit. I'm really not looking forward to taking you to IKEA but I really don't have another choice since Daddy is working more and more in Seattle. 

Oh man, you so desperately want to crawl.  It's sad and cute.
We are working on getting you on a schedule.  We wake you up between 7 and 8, with your first nap being around 10, second nap at 3, and bedtime between 7 and 8.  I had to put it into my Google calendar, because otherwise I won't stick to it.  And you're responding very well.  Despite being up for an hour tonight, you've been asleep since just after 6:30.  You started talking in your sleep again and woke me up, only to fall back asleep which is why I'm up now.  :)

I love watching your little hands explore objects.  They are all over your toys, a dish rag, your high chair, a blanket, anything with texture that makes noise is instantly amazing.  And your facial expressions are priceless.  Those eyebrows!!  What a ham. 

My darling boy, words cannot express just how much I love and adore you.  You laugh and love and smile so easily.  I love you, my wonderful, happy son!


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Adrianne said...

He's getting so big! I absolutely love the family picture you posted. You all look so good! I'm sorry to hear his little gums hurt, but am so glad he's still a happy little guy most of the time. M has started teething, too. It's so sad! It really is amazing, though, to watch them explore their world with those inquisitive little hands. Give W a kiss from me! xoxo