Friday, June 29, 2012

Growing Growing Growing

Wesley is growing like a weed.  Already in 3 to 6 month pajamas because his legs are too long and feet too big for strictly 3 month pj's.  It's incredible.  And a little frazzling, because suddenly I find myself needing to sort through clothes that were "too big" just a few weeks ago.  Amazing.

I have to save some stuff (like photos) for the 4 month letter, but let me just say that I LOVE this three month phase -- the talking, cooing, recognition -- LOVE LOVE LOVE.  He's suddenly a little boy and quite an opinionated one at that.

I'm doing fine, and so is hubby.  Just tired and busy as usual, discovering a new balance to life.  It leaves little time for just the two of us, but we try to find time when we can.  I'm pretty much full time Mommy while he's writing, producing, auditioning people for the next film, stuff like that.  My work happens during naptime.  The in-laws have been just stellar with helping around the house and babysitting, it's been awesome.  Hubby and I are in for a very rude awakening when they head back to India on Tuesday.  But they'll be back in December for Christmas, and Wesley will be mobile by then, driving us bonkers and entertaining us in new ways.

And lots of hugs and love to three expectant Mamas due next month - Kayla, Annie, and Cindy - you are going to ROCK at mommy-dom!   Love you!!

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