Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter Wonderland

This may not look like much snow, but that's all frozen snow and ice.
Happy to be home with a working heater and a cup of hot tea!

I knew that when we moved from Southern California to Western Washington, it would be hard to acclimate to cooler temperatures. I certainly didn't expect snow and ice! My amazing husband, however, patched up our roof after the second windstorm took off more shingles, and even cleaned out the gutters so they wouldn't freeze over. My poor little flowers that I got at Fred Meyer are dead, and I forgot to bring in my jasmine plant, so that's dead too. But all in all, we are safe and warm, just a bit cold and not wanting to venture outside.

I am really glad that we went grocery shopping yesterday so that we didn't have to worry about food today or tomorrow. But we are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, and I completely forgot to get the ingredients to make my sister's favorite potatoes. Looks like we'll be heading to the store for a quick trip tomorrow! We totally lucked out with my Dad being in charge of the turkey - he's bringing my grandparent's turkey roaster - and stuffing. I'll be making sides and pies like a mad-woman, and my sister will be in charge of the sweet potatoes. I have no idea what my sister-in-law and her new hubby will bring since they just got back from their nuptials and honeymoon! Let's just hope the weather warms up. I'm remaining hopeful and trying to not listen to the weather report that says it might snow a little more Thursday morning!

My cell phone says it's 13 degrees right now. Sorry, LA peeps, you have no right to complain to this girl right now. I'd take a low of 40 degrees any day!!

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