Monday, November 08, 2010

I guess I've done my job

Poor Lavinia...

Three of the best compliments I've received about my skills as an actor:

"Oh, as soon as I saw you, I thought you should play Ophelia!"

"Oh my dear, I'm so glad you can talk. Because if you couldn't we all planned on taking care of you!"

I can't remember the next quote exactly, but it was something about being completely believable, and she was very impressed, because I was so distraught and since my character's tongue was cut out, I wasn't able to talk.

Being on stage again feels good. Really good.

There's just one weekend left! Hope you can come catch the show. And no, it's not in a parking lot. It's inside, all warm and protected from the rain.

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Frangipan said...

I love Titus Andronicus, I'm writing an essay about it right at this very moment...