Friday, May 07, 2010

Pictures of our house!

The west side of the house.

One of TWO fireplaces!

Our gigantic backyard. I have ideas, but right now it's just WAY overwhelming.

My kitchen! Look, it's not a shoebox! AND there's a dishwasher!!

The lovely entryway. I LOVE this house!


In the Boonies Mama said...

I'm so happy for you! The place looks wonderful!

Katie said...

I have an idea for you backyard--doggie! It's big, and at least partially fenced, so a four legged friend (from a shelter, of course!) would be the perfect addition.

No, I'm not dog crazy :)

Congrats Camille! I'm so happy for you and Matt, and the house looks awesome!

emilie said...

Can't wait to help you warm it all up!