Friday, December 11, 2009

Big News!

Dear friends and family,

We know that much of this will come as a surprise to you. Most of you know that we've been seriously considering a move back to the Pacific Northwest for the past six months, maybe more, maybe less. In any case, that dream is about to become a reality! We just got pre-approved for a house this week in the Tacoma area and are starting the process of buying a home. Right now we are still working with a few other lenders to try and get the best rate possible. We are also meeting with a few Realtors while we're in town at the end of the month, and it is our hope that while we're there, we'll find a couple of houses that we love.

If everything continues to happen as it has been, then we'll be moving in February. We'll miss our family of friends here, and I know I'll miss the warmer winters. But in order to move on to the next phase, we need to make a major change. And we're excited for what is to come!

Much love,
Camille and Matt

P.S. One favor to ask of you. Please don't post anything about this on Facebook as Camille has not told her employers yet that she is leaving. Thank you!

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Ruta (aka Ruth Ann) said...

Wow, Camille! That's so exciting - can't wait to see you up here again!