Friday, June 12, 2009

Busy Bee

My part-time job is supposed to be 3 days a week, 5-6 hours a day. I'm really enjoying the work that I'm doing, aside from learning "techie-speak" which may as well be Swahili. However, there was an accounting-time-sensitive project that I needed to help with yesterday, and I needed the money, so it worked out (only bummer was I had to cancel plans with Mary at the beach). Yesterday I left with the solid knowledge that Friday I had to focus on my other job and get some things done around the place.

Not so much.

I got a call from one of the Marketing people, who needed some help with some "drudge work" (those were his words) and was I available to help? I was on the bus at the time I got the message and took the rest of the ride home to decided what I wanted to do. I could stay home, get stuff done, swim, maybe even sleep in a little. Or go into work, and earn money that is needed.

I went with the second option.

I know that I can be empowered by "no" (as someone at work so delicately said), and that I don't always have to be available. I am part-time and by definition I am not expected to come in every day. I don't want to become the office go-to girl, meaning that just because I have a day off doesn't mean that I'm always free. But I did just start a few months ago, and I do want to be a team player, so I will go in today and earn a bill that I can pay without worry. And it is a chance to take a break from those dang purchase orders that fill my mind's eye when I'm on my way home.

On a happier subject, this next month is going to be a busy travel month. Thank goodness for air miles and companion fares. We are very excited about a trip to San Luis Obispo in July with our dear friends Stephen and Brie, who will be visiting from Washington! We found a great place to stay in Cambria that's only $95 a night, and you bet your behind I'll be blogging about it after the trip. We're also going up to Seattle at the end of the month for a very quick trip, mostly business for me and mostly Matt helping his parents tie up loose ends.

Oh, and I'm totally addicted to Scrabble on Facebook. Sigh.

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