Saturday, January 21, 2006


yoga kicks my butt. literally. and because i'm flushing out so many toxins, the past two classes i have felt extremely nauseated and nearly puked! this is not enjoyable for me. who wants to spend 90 minutes feeling sick? in 105 degree room? no thanks. but the teachers said it's normal. everyone has their different reactions and this may be yours. so i'm going to go back next week. i was going to go back today but i think my body needs a break. besides, kari and i are going to runyon canyon tomorrow and then amanda, kari, matt and i are going to see sam shaber. i think i'll go back to yoga on monday or tuesday.

matt has been doing tae-bo at home every other day and looks great! he feels good, looks good, and loves to get compliments from his peers about how much weight he has lost.

today i am going to get my hair done. i have spent enough time being a brunette, so today i'm getting auburn highlights in my hair! i will officially be an auburnette! :)

p.s. jenny, thank you for the lovely postcard! you are so thoughtful!

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