Friday, January 06, 2006

wine wine wine!

matt and i are taking off for wine country in about 10 minutes. we're going to 'sideways country' to get away from the city and have some time together! we haven't had a vacation without family or friends since we moved here so this is well deserved. we're staying here and i'm soooooo looking forward to their breakfasts! tomorrow morning we're off to Hearst Castle followed by lunch and a loverly afternoon of wine tasting. then dinner and back to the inn. sunday we'll get up early again, have breakfast, check out, and spend the afternoon at the beach and drive back to l.a. on highway one, past malibu and all kinds of lovely places.

next week matt starts school on monday, my class starts on wednesday, and we'll be busy yet again. i imagine in about 6 more months we'll need another one of these getaways when school is out for the summer. :P

p.s. jenny, i hope your day gets better!

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