Monday, May 11, 2009


Today we leave. I was packing well into the night while Matt continuously worked on his script, which I have to say worked out perfectly. His calm, focused manner allowed me to get the laundry done, sort out the clothes that I need to take as opposed to wanting to take. This morning I have just one more major task, and that is to take our car into the mechanic so they can fix our leaky radiator while we're gone.

Weather on Oahu today: 90 degrees. It'll feel just like home!

Tankini? Check.
Sunscreen? Check.

Yep, that's about all I have in my suitcase.

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emilie said...

Yeaaaah! Enjoy the trip, both of you! We'll be setting out to Oahu ourselves on May 24th for Matt's little sis (the other Emily) graduation. *That* close. :)

Tell the weather to stay nice for us, ok?

And I'm praying for you and Matt, that this be a wonderful time of relaxation and refreshment for the body and spirit. Love you both!