Thursday, December 29, 2005

i'm a big girl

coming home has been all about finding my voice and learning how to use it (appropriately). i think it's been the same for matt. we've made time to see family and some friends, but it's been our vacation, our trip. we make plans and stick to them (and thank you to jenny for putting up with me and my family's antics this afternoon). it's wonderful! although i still feel like a kid when i'm at my folks' house, i also feel like an adult making my own plans and decisions. it's an interesting time and i'm ready to go back to l.a., oddly enough, back to our life together.

matt is already back home with the kitties and he'll be picking up our friend rian at the airport later on tonight. i fly home tomorrow evening, but before i do, here are my plans: dinner tonight at the neighbor's house, coffee with kari, SLEEP, movie or walk with mom (weather depending) in the morning and a facial at 2pm, followed by a trip to l.a. via sea-tac and alaska airlines. i miss my sweetie and can't wait to see him. i guess home is wherever he is. :)

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Schteffi said...

Hi, chica. Just catching up on your blog. You know what? You're not alone. No matter how old we get our parents will always treat us like kids in someway, even if they don't mean to revert to the old ways. Had a similar experience at home with my parents, too. I don't think there's any getting away from it. Just stand your ground. Also, I think that's why most people move away from home, and for that matter, why some don't.

I'm listening to a REALLY weird song right now on KEXP called Super Bon Bon. It's making me hungry. =)