Sunday, June 26, 2005

on the road again...

today i went to ellensburg for a baby shower. i think i was the only person there who wasn't a mother (or mother-to-be). it was great to see j.g. since i hadn't seen her in a couple of years or met her daughter (who bit two of the other kids at the shower and left nice red marks, but who otherwise was very cute - we hit it off). p.b. came with me over the mountains and it was so great to have her along. we can chat about anything, and we listened to music, and chatted some more. she is one of my dearest friends and i will miss her companionship terribly!

saturday matt and i went to a wedding out in pacific. i think it was the shortest ceremony (5 mintues, if that) and longest reception (started at one, we left at 4:30) we'd ever been to! it was at a christmas tree farm and the groom wore shorts and a t-shirt while the bride was in a white sundress. it was beautifully simple. no fuss, no muss. just a great gathering.

b.m. and s.p.'s wedding is next! matt and i are both in the wedding and i know it will be beautiful too. completely personal and simple too. i know, i know. i'm known as the sensitive bridesmaid. i probably will start sobbing as i walk down the aisle. b.m. - make sure we both have kleenex in clasped with our bouquets!

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